• August 26, 2020

As an educator, Mr. Niimori has taught piano since 2008 and provided quality lessons for all ages and levels. His mission is to provide a fundamental skill and knowledge of piano and theory, a variety of music including Classical music, Jazz, Rock, Country, Animation and Blues. He taught piano and music theory for all ages and levels in the private music school in Albany, NY, and Kansas City, KS.

Mr. Niimori is also an avid guest lecturer and speaker and some of his presentations include the following:

  • Music of Japan; Nebraska History Museum, Nebraska State Historical Society, Lincoln, NE, January 2018

  • Difference and Similarity between film music and concert music; 15th UPBEA, Composition Summer Festival, Milna, Croatia, July 2017

  • What is music of the United States? Part I, from 18th century to early 20th century: Classical music,jazz, folk song, musical and film music; Composition Seminar at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, February 2017

  • Music and career; Japanese Language School of Philadelphia, PA, 2016